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Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival 2014

Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival 2014

What: Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival 2014
When: 16th April to 24th June 2014
Where: Guanyin Pavilion Recreation Area, Magong City. Taiwan
Cost: FREE

The Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival is one of those ‘happy fests’ that draws tens of thousands into the area for the event which brings together a huge range of activities and attractions to enjoy.

The food includes a massive selection of delicious seafood dishes before you sit back and enjoy the fireworks every Monday and Thursday evening from 14th April until the 19th June.

The fireworks hail from all over the World including Brazil, Finland and China and when they are lighting up the night skies over the area announced as one of the most beautiful bays in the World, you know it has memorable written all over it.

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