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PASSFIRE. A Film About Firework Culture Across The Globe.

PASSFIRE. A Film About Firework Culture Across The Globe.


You may have caught our recent blog post about Passfire, a film dedicated to shoring the work behind fireworks from all around the world.

Two brothers, Jessie and Jeremy Veverka have spent months researching content for their film about fireworks and the whole culture of pyrotechnics from as many different viewpoints as possible.

Recently, Epic welcomed the opportunity to offer their support to the Veverka Brothers in their exploits in detailing the ever-changing face of firework tradition.

To date, their adventure has taken them to China, Japan and more recently to the island of Java, a small island off Indonesia. They visited a small village where the resident’s entire livelihood is wholly dependent on the manufacture of small fireworks in their workshop.

The lads are passionate about pyro and we, of course, wish them the very best of luck in their endeavours. If you would like to donate/pledge money in support of this venture. You can donate anything from $1 to as much as you can afford and each step of the way, you can take advantage of offers of items ranging from photographs of fireworks taken by professional photographers to a full VIP treatment package where you will receive full credits as Associate Producer of the film and be interviewed by the crew for inclusion in the final cut.

Jesse On Production Passfire

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