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Nit de Foc - Majorca's Summer Fiesta

Nit de Foc - Majorca's Summer Fiesta

Nit de Foc, which takes place in Palma on 23rd June 2009. This is one of the biggest festivals in the Majorcan calendar and marks the start of the island’s summer fiesta. The whole of the sky is lit up with extravagant firework displays, and a giant bonfire is held in the Parc de la Mer.

Another site worth visiting whilst in Palma is the majestic La Seu Cathedral. Sitting on the waterfront of Palma the cathedral is a blend of medieval and renaissance architecture. The cathedral’s design was contributed to by legendary Catalan architect Gaudi, adding a unique feel to the building's structure. La Seu Cathedral was built as a symbol of Majorca’s Christian Conquerors and its huge towers still have an imposing presence over the city. This is a great attraction for spending a day in.

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