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Night Vision by Brothers Pyrotechnics

Night Vision by Brothers Pyrotechnics

Night Vision or Cola?? I'll take the Night Vision every time!

Night Vision Stats:

No. of Shots ------105

Effect -------------- coloured pearls

Colour ------------- red, green, blue, white, purple, orange, pink

Duration ---------- 20 seconds

Calibre ------------12mm

The fantastic Night Vision from Brothers Pyrotechnics is a very popular small fan barrage. Watch the video below and it’s easy to see why! Remember there is more than one going off in the video. Can you figure out how many there is?

At less than £9 each, this is fantastic value and great when you want to add rapid firing spectacle to your display. With a multitude of colours that quickly change, its hard work to keep up with this fast-paced firework, so fast it launches about 5 shots per second. We always recommend lighting 2 or more of these barrages at the same time to ensure you get that wow factor!

Nightvision in action, can you guess what the other fireworks going off with it is?

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