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Niagara Falls Fireworks & Laser show

Niagara Falls Fireworks & Laser show


The Niagara Falls is one of the 7 natural wonders of the World and for good reason. It is located on the border between the USA and Canada and is actually comprised of three waterfalls: The Horseshoe Falls (aka Canadian Falls), the American Falls and the Bridal Falls. The three together have an absolutely staggering 189,600 gallons of fresh water a minute cascading over the precipice.

In addition to the fireworks over Niagara, as the light fades in the sky and dusk descends the Falls are lit up in beautiful colours. The illuminated falls also have a special schedule for charitable causes and tend to have a ‘theme’. For example, on 11th May the falls will be lit in green a blue from 10:00pm for FARE – Food Allergy Awareness Week. These very special illuminations have been the responsibility of The Niagara Falls Illumination Board since 1925.

The fireworks display lasts on average around 10 minutes at 10:00pm each Friday, Sunday and public holiday. The entertainment starts at around 8:00pm with a free concert so get along early to enjoy both in the knowledge that you will have first dibs on the best seats for the aerial pyrotechnics.

One of the best times to visit the falls is in the last week of August for a free sound and laser show at 8.00 called Onguiaahra: Thunder of Waves. The show uses fountains, water of course and clever lighting to a killer soundtrack making this a most captivating experience telling the story of the falls, which notable people have plunged to their deaths (and in some cases into the record books of course) and the facts and figures.

The most compelling part of the storytelling is when the falls stopped on 30th March 1940. There was complete silence and the falls stood still – dried up!! Soothsayers thought the end was nigh but the reality it transpired was that the ice had backed up, blocking the route of the water but … water will always find its way, whether over time through rocks and stones or fairly rapidly through towns and villages it will continue on its path regardless. On this occasion, the falls began again with a murmur and then an almighty roar as the ice jam cleared and a massive wall of water reached the edge and tumbled over, restarting the falls.

The twice weekly fireworks are the responsibility of David Whysall Fireworks. The Niagara gig keeps them busy for most of the year and of course, they are responsible for numerous other special events, weddings and corporate shindigs. Of course, being one of the best in the World they still find time to compete both nationally and internationally at some of the most prestigious trophy’s in the world including being World champions in Blackpool (UK) and at DIFC (Danang International Firework Competition) and the MIFC (Malaysia International Firework Competition) and the pyrotechnics for the Malaysian Grand Prix.

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