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National Fireworks Convention USA 2013

National Fireworks Convention USA 2013

The National Fireworks Association play host to thousands of firework buyers, sellers, manufacturers and enthusiasts from across the states (well, apart from the 15 states that have banned fireworks that is!) all gathered for the annual convention.

The gathering gives the manufacturers the opportunity to showcase the new products for 2013/14 season and each night they conclude proceedings with demonstrations. We should add that these are not displays in the usual sense as each piece is fired separately to enable viewers the chance to rate each item and decide whether they think it might appear in their displays in the forthcoming year. Several countries will have the chance to show their wares alongside the last American manufacturers.

Earlier on the same evening, the National Fireworks Association will hold a special safety demonstration using just consumer fireworks to show just how dangerous the most humble of small fireworks can be in the wrong hands.

Below is a promotional video for the National Fireworks Association produced by the PassFire team.

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