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Marvel Fireworks


Ok, a biggie for you now, and with less than 5 weeks to go, I'm sure you all have your "firework heads" on now! So, sit back, grab a drink, and let us introduce the Marvel brand.

1. Selection Boxes! Party Time, Family, Ariel and Superstar. Do you want a quality selection - a genuine mix of effects - in one box? A family party perhaps? Then go for these! Effects and volume that come as a pleasant surprises from small items - pure party excitment!

2. 1.4G Rockets. With no less than 10 selections, all with a variety of effects and shapes, this must be one of the widest ranges of 1.4G rockets from any brand in the country. No silly prices either, just good little performers at a very reasonable price. Sure, they don't rock the earth , but thats not what they are for. And of course, Marvel does the big boys too...

3. 1.3G rockets - Hawk - wow, look at the burst on that! They also do the classy Tomahawk, singles and in packs, and the biggest one in the Marvel range is the dominant "Atomic Meltdown!"

4. Fountains - And why not. Short, vicious and loud are the little Magic Fountains, and for some cheap fun check out the Cinder Cones. Pyro doesn't need to be expensive to be good!

5. And last but certainly not least, there are not less than 15 barrges in this range, from the small and cute sonic of Humming Hornets, to the size, volume and sheer "wow, thats surely a professional one?" performance of Atomic Tornado - with some great lines in between, including the brash, colourful and popular Rogue Vipers.

And, thats just one of the many brands on sale at Jimmys!

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