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Manchester New Years Eve Celebrations

After reporting that the fireworks celebrations ringing in the New Year were once again likely to be quashed due to a lack of funding, we are delighted to learn that a kindly benefactor has stepped in to fund the Town Hall fireworks so New Year will start with a bang after all.

Fairground owner, Gary Gore from Carousel Funfairs has been running his business for more than 30 years and his family run events are a familiar fixture throughout Manchester and the North West of England.

Following an appearance in the Manchester Evening News, Mr Gore decided to step in. Mr Gore said “we stepped in after spotting the article in the M.E.N. because we are a Manchester based company that has operated in local Parks for more than 30 years. We feel the communities have always been good to us so it would be good to do something with them and make a great celebration”.

Manchester, as we reported previously, staged a sponsored fireworks show three years in a row from 2008-2010 inclusive. But, last year, the plug was pulled when no businesses offered their help.

We did a piece a few weeks ago which highlighted that Manchester Council had initially said in January this year that following the ‘damp squib’ description of the celebrations for New Year 2011/12 that they would step in to ensure that the display went ahead which Councillor Pat Karney then went back on when once again it was thrown open to the local businesses to support the New Year’s Eve event despite using a massive amount on money on an Alicia Keys concert which, with all due respect, didn’t really do much for the majority of the locals.

It is fascinating however that the Manchester Evening News is taking the praise for something that although they reported on the issue, they made no attempt to contribute to the event, much to the chagrin of the locals.

Manchester is hailed as the party capital of the North and there are certainly lots of things to do in this fascinating City on New Year's Eve. From small, intimate gatherings in cool bars and restaurants, to massive clubs and warehouse raves and everything in between so there is bound to be something to suit everyone.

Please remember that the majority of events are ticketed so make sure that you have yours before you venture into the city to avoid disappointment.

If you would like to see the fireworks, Carousel Funfairs New Year Street Fair event is running Sat 27th December to Sunday 6th January in Manchester City Centre and the fireworks are planned for Midnight. Once again, I am sure that the people of Manchester are delighted and thankful to Mr Gore for stepping up – just a shame no-one else thought to do so and I for one hope that they have a fabulous time at this free event.

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