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Major Search and Rescue for Fireworks

Major Search and Rescue for Fireworks

A major search and rescue operation sparked by reports of red flares over the sea could have been the result of fireworks or meteorites, the coastguard has said.

Rescue boats, helicopters, and a passenger ship joined the hunt overnight after calls to Shetland coastguard of "multiple" flares appearing over Orkney.

Teams from Orkney were sent out at about 9.30pm on Saturday, including help from a Northlink ferry, but nothing was found after seven hours.

A Shetland coastguard spokesman said: "We searched for several hours using lifeboats, helicopter, and shore personnel but found nothing.

"It was stood down at about 4.30am after it was deemed we weren't going to achieve anything.

"It could have been meteorites, or it could have been fireworks. It's fairly common."

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