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London Fireworks for New Years Eve

Celebrate New Year's Eve in London. It's one of London's biggest party nights, with a host of festivities, fireworks and fun! On New Year's Eve, London comes alive with celebrations, fireworks and parties in every corner of the capital.

Prepare to be dazzled by spectacular fireworks along the river Thames, at Alexandra Palace Park or one of many other London fireworks displays on New Year's Eve, and for those who like to party, New Year's Eve in London offers you some of the best, clubs, pubs, dining, private celebrations and sophisticated functions in the world.

This year's fireworks display in Central London will be at the London Eye, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary. In the run-up to the midnight show, music will be played by Radio One's award-winning DJ Nihal.

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson says: "London will bring in 2010 with a bang, a glittering explosion across the midnight sky. We want to show to the world that we are looking forward to the future with the optimism and energy that characterises our capital and makes it the most exciting city on earth."

The Mayor's office advises New Year's Eve revellers to plan ahead. Many venues, such as pubs, bars and clubs, are likely to be ticketed with advance booking. Space in viewing areas along the Thames to watch the fireworks will be limited, but the display will, of course, be broadcast live on television.

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