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Latest News on the Worlds Biggest Shell Launch Attempt

Latest News on the Worlds Biggest Shell Launch Attempt

You may recall in early March that Epic brought you news of a forthcoming World Record breaking attempt at creating and firing the Worlds Largest Shell burst.

The current holder is from Japan and the shell was the Yon-Shaku Dama of Katakai Japan where they fired a 120cm diameter shell which weighed in at 420kg and it was launched from a 12m long launch tube. All this effort resulted in a massive 800m diameter burst which was absolutely staggering.

The boffins in charge of the new attempt of a shell which will be over 150cm in diameter and will weigh 1700 lb or over 700 kg.

Here is some additional data for you:

• The outer casing of the shell will be approximately 4 inches thick and will be composed mainly of compressed cardboard and wrapped in heavy paper to ensure that the structural integrity of the shell is maintained.

• The break charge will be a ratio of 5:1 black powder which will be used to coat the seed husks but this may alter before the final product is agreed upon.

• The ‘stars’ will be a combination of metal fuelled colours and black powder based stars and comets for a glitter effect and salts and other effects which are to be a surprise.

• The lift charge will be large pellets of Black Powder which will be determined following further experimentation.

• The mortar tube which will house the shell is still in the planning stage at the moment but is likely to be a stationary partially buried concrete reinforced tube.

We will bring you more information as soon as it becomes available.

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