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If like me you are a little bemused by the ‘correct term’ for some items, this is one of them.

Lancework is the art of writing words or creating images out of fireworks. Sometimes referred to as fire-drawings, they allow you to add another dimension to either your firework event or indeed as a stand-alone piece.

These are almost completely silent with a slight hissing sound and unlike 1.3g fireworks, they are high impact and with no falling debris, great at any show.

This high-quality British Made product will add that special touch of class to your firework display. They are created by making a frame in the shape of the letters and positioning small tubes (referred to as lances) which burn with a coloured light and a minimum smoke for around 60-seconds.

Here at Epic Fireworks, we keep two types in stock. Both of them say GOOD NIGHT and come in a choice or silver or gold effect. They are 300mm by 240mm (2x120mm so they can be either side by side or straight across) and are really easy to put together.

So, if you are looking for a classy end to your show, this is a must have for 2012.

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