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King Hell has Landed

The most exciting new release in the UK fireworks industry since the Thunderous Finale.

The King Hell has landed in stock and on shelves at Epic Fireworks available for collection right now.

2009 has seen little new fireworks to get excited about in Britain. Finally a real talking point and a real finale barrage to get the pyrotechnic charges fizzing!

Of course, the very second the King Hell arrived we could not wait to light one. Fortunately, they arrived at half past 6 in the evening so it was dark (dark enough) to light one.

Below is the video of the very first King Hell to be lit in the UK and it was sensational. Busy, fast-paced, big effects and LOUD!

Not bad I am sure you will agree.

So, last night we were getting ready to go home and someone said... "Wouldn't it be cool to light 3 of them at the same time?"

So, we did. The video is being uploaded right now, we will stick it to this post asap.

And as if by magic, here it is! 3 x King Hell lit at the same time (nearly) and it looks incredible!! ENJOY!

And our good friends at UKFR decided to light 6 at the same time as part of their Autumn Warmup. Nice work guys.

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