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KAUST Opens with a bang!!!

KAUST Opens with a bang!!!

Yesterday saw the formal opening of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). The day was one of celebration, culminating with an inauguration ceremony largely dedicated to congratulating King Abdullah on the accomplishment.

Then came the fireworks and just by watching the video below you can see just how mesmerising and sensational they actually were. This is by far one of the best firework videos I have seen this year.

A ceremony took place on site of the university where students, teachers, journalists and a vast amount of government figures and representatives turned up to congratulate the King.

There is a massive auditorium towards the back of the university and guests were treated to some friendly entertainment before the finale fireworks. On stage was one of the Saudi military bands, about 75 in number, including bagpipers! Behind them was a huge display screen where photos and interviews with students, teachers and the general public commenting on how great the university looked and what it meant for them to be there.

The firework show was one of immense quality and choreography, the colours and bursts all timed beautifully and looked absolutely amazing. Here's to hoping the students of KAUST’s education starts with such a positive explosion as the fireworks did.

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