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Jimmys Back In Town

Jimmy, the owner and MD of Jimmy’s Fireworks, home of Epic is back in town.

He has just returned from a 3-week trip to China (the third of the year so far) to check on the progress of our replacement stock and to ensure that the new products reach our exacting standards.

Jimmy checks on the progress of production to ensure quality is maintained at all times.

At random, Jimmy will check that the effects are as requested, the timings are spot on (particularly important to our customers who want to ensure that the product does what it says on the packaging in the timescales detailed) and ensuring that the colours are clear, strong and meet our requirements. Most importantly, he checks that the British Safety standards are met at all times.

We are delighted to report that a number of the items we are to bring in this year are actually even better than the ‘tester’ created back in March so we are duly excited to see the end products and gain feedback from customers as to how they feel.

Jimmy Goes Firework Testing in China July 2012 - Moving Target 105 Shot Fan Barrage New For 2012

Check out the new ‘Moving Target’ a 105 shot fan barrage with some stunning colours (blue, green, red, orange and pinks) and of course, great timing. This is likely to be one of our biggest sellers this season. Check it out:

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