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Its All Kicking Off At Epic Fireworks

It's Started At Epic Fireworks HQ

The season is underway and we are already getting earlier and earlier and sleep a little less every day.

The early bird catches the worm they say but in our case, it catches you the perfect cup of tea and a bacon sandwich. This weekend, for example, our first customer on Saturday was at 7:30am and on Sunday 7:05am so there is no doubt that the season is well and truly underway.

The stock is flying off the shelves and we are receiving orders over the telephone and internet all day and late into the evening – the latest order received through the internet was placed at 02:07am so we have our fair share of insomniacs too.

So if you are looking for professional quality fireworks which are the maximum bore size allowed for the consumer market, you should look no further. We are just off the M1 at Junction 36 heading Sheffield North and open 7-days a week from around 7:30am until 5:00pm.

We have a MASSIVE range of HUGE ROCKETS the biggest selection of SINGLE IGNITION BARRAGES available in the UK today and all our fireworks are HALF THE RRP OR LESS.

Come along to see us, we really are a friendly bunch and would love to help you to get the best available at the best price and make your display the envy of all your friends and family this year.

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