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It’s all happening

The preparations for this year’s silly season are well underway. The Polish lads have arrived and are helping Big Mex to sort out the bunkers which are getting full of stock as each week more fireworks are arriving from China. Another fifty or so 40-foot containers are still to arrive. That’s a lot of fireworks!!

The building work at the new Epic Fireworks HQ is complete and all that remains is to add the finishing touches to the showroom and start filling up with fireworks!

The signs are up, the phone lines are in and we are very very close to being able to operate from the largest fireworks shop in the UK!

The brochures that we produce each year to show off our shiny new fireworks range are almost ready for printing (all half a million of them!) and the final details are being put to the legendary display packs that make Epic Fireworks so famous.

New fireworks are landing in the UK every week. We will update the site as soon as possible and update the blog to let you know when the latest and greatest fireworks arrive in the country.

It’s all happening now; prepare yourselves for the biggest fireworks shop that this land has ever known!

Epic Fireworks, the UK’s home of fireworks

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