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Iron Man barrage from Epic Fireworks

No. of Shots ------25

Effect -------------- crackles, strobes, spinners, bees, mines, bangs

Colour ------------- blue, silver, red, purple

Duration ----------- 30 seconds

Calibre -------------18mm

Below: See the Iron Man compared in size to a can of Coca Cola. I know which one I find more healthy!

EpicFireworks- Iron Man

This brilliant value small 25 shot barrage by Epic Fireworks is a fantastic intro to your display. With red and silver spinning stars and blue lights. Loud mines with bangs and crackling stars, flying bees and spinning silver comets all in less than 30 seconds. This is an action-packed barrage and a bargain piece. We recommend lighting these 2 at a time for a busy and beautiful start to your display. Check out Epic Fireworks other fantastic 25 shot barrages.

iron man 25 shot barrage

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