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International Fireworks Competition At Blackpool

Blackpool Fireworks (9712)

Blackpool has hosted an International Fireworks Competition since 2007 and this Year’s displays have the promise to be nothing short of spectacular.

The event held in September each year is timed to coincide with the turning on of the famous ‘Blackpool Illuminations’. Representatives from the four competing countries battle it out in the skies above Blackpool to be crowned International Fireworks Champion.

The teams are given the opportunity to set up massive firework displays designed by themselves which must be choreographed to the music of their choice.

Competing teams this Year are representing Canada, France and Australia.

Friday 7th September 2012 - FAE Pyrotechnie inc - Canada
Founded in 1985 this pyrotechnics firm has received numerous awards and honours in the special events and major international competition. This imaginative team are responsible for some of Canada’s most breathtaking pyro-musical displays.

Friday 14th September 2012 - Brezac Artifices - France
Founded in 1964 specializing in making fireworks and staging pyro-musical shows - they have won awards from all over the World including first prizes in China, Singapore and Canada.

Friday 21st September 2012 - Howard & Sons Fireworks - Australia
Founded in 1922 they have been responsible for the fireworks for the opening and closing ceremonies for the 17th Commonwealth Games in 2006 and most major sporting events held in Australia -

Friday 28th September 2012 Results - Results announcement and a non competing firework display by Kimbolton Fireworks – The company responsible for the breathtaking displays for the recent London 2012 Olympics opening ceremonies -

Although we are not represented in the competition this year, I am sure that the fireworks will be beautiful so if you have the opportunity to visit Blackpool and want to add that little something extra to your stay, this is a free event which I am sure you will not want to miss.

On the evening the local radio station will play music in the build up to the beautiful display between the North and Central Pier and can actually be viewed from any number of places along the Golden Mile.

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