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International Festival of Pyrotechnic Art

International Festival of Pyrotechnic Art

In March 2003, the beautiful Ski Resort of Courchevel in the French Alps decided to introduce a fireworks competition unlike any other in Europe with a stunning backdrop of the French Alps and the white snow, huge mountain ranges and of course, lots of wonderful chalets dotted around.

It took off and has never looked back since.

The 2014 competition saw UK based professional firers Smart Pyrotechnics take the crown as overall winners and frankly, it was well deserved as they put on a brilliant show.

The competition was fierce with some of the most World renowned display companies in the World battling it out with them including the likes of Scarpato from Italy who have been in the fireworks business since 1784 but in spite of this, they walked off with the crown.

Next year’s firework competition will take place between the 12th February 2015 and the 5th March 2015 but be aware that the dates can change at very short notice if the weather changes suddenly.

The competition is judged on:

• The quality and content of the overall display with no dark sky moments as well as the colour combinations, shapes, symmetry and cadence of the show

• The musical selection and choreography to the pyrotechnics including the diversity of music selection, the continuity and way it corresponds with the fireworks

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