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A Telephone Hotline is Introduced in Burntwood and Lichfield to Cope with firework related complaints

A Telephone Hotline is Introduced in Burntwood and Lichfield to Cope with firework related complaints

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A firework hotline has been established by Staffordshire county council to help residents to report anti-social fireworks behaviour in the area.

“The hotline has now been running very successfully for the last four years – it means there is just one number for all firework-related problems. People may be concerned about the use of fireworks, or sales of fireworks to children, or at car boot sales – whatever the issue, the new hotline is there to help and to resolve any problems.

“This is a real step forward in the fight against anti-social behaviour and nuisance caused by fireworks. People caught selling or storing fireworks illegally will be investigated and face prosecution. We want people to enjoy their fireworks but not at other peoples’ expense.” – The words of Carol Dean, a County Councillor in Staffordshire.

The hotline is intended to be used by residents who are disturbed by the use or sale of fireworks in their area. The service will provide clarity on specific laws of fireworks use and sale. The hotline team will then pass any relevant information to the authorities, such as the police, fire service or trading standards. This is part of a drive to make communities feel safer and be safer. Operation “Good Guy” is an initiative that is taking part across the county and intends to deliver a safe and sensible message about fireworks to all areas of the community.

The Head of Risk Reduction from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service had this to say:

“We will be delivering our Operation Good Guy initiative to high school pupils across the county throughout October. This is a hard-hitting presentation about firework misuse which includes a graphic demonstration highlighting the dangers of fireworks. The initiative proved to be very successful last year, the young people really enjoyed the presentation and we only had one firework-related injury in the whole county – we’re hoping this year will be equally as successful and safe!”

“We’re not complacent though – we want everyone to enjoy Bonfire Night but we urge people to stay safe by following the firework code and by attending displays that are well organised. A massive 126 house fires were started by fireworks in the UK in 2006, so it’s really important to ensure that fireworks are both stored and used correctly.”

The message here is clear, Staffordshire County Council do not want to stop people having fun and enjoying their fireworks. They are only interested in the safety and well being of residents. Fireworks are great for communities and can bring people together like few other forms of entertainment can. The good guys at Operation Good Guy want to ensure that everyone feels safe and protected while the fireworks are enjoyed, and who can argue with that?

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