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Annually, a huge fireworks display usually takes placed for National Day on 1st October in Hong Kong but this year, it has been cancelled due to the throngs of protesters who have set up camp in the City.

The Peoples Republic of China was founded in 1949 and has celebrated annually with a number of parades, festivals and of course fireworks so it is a shame that this year, the skies will remain dark.

The protesters who are fighting for a full democracy have been blocking roads in and out of the City, thus affecting the transport services and the government has asked the crowds to leave and allow the way for emergency vehicles and transport services to resume.

The government, in an attempt to pacify the protesters, has told riot police to leave them alone but they are also preventing images being shared about their grievances as they completely blocked access to Instagram in mainland China adding further indignation to the already tense situation.

The situation in Hong Kong came to a head on the back of Beijing's decision to reject open nominations for candidates to become Hong Kong’s leader in favour of their using a committee of ‘like minded individuals’ who will hand-pick the candidates on the ‘patriotism they show to China’ which basically is short for ‘someone who will do as they are told!’ This added to the antagonism in the area where the people remain fearful that they will ever have a democracy.

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