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Herrenhausen Firework Competition 2015

Herrenhausen Firework Competition 2015


2015 sees the 25th annual International Fireworks competition get under way set in the beautiful gardens of Herrenhausen in Hannover. The first time this competition was held was in 1991 and today, it is THE most popular event of its kind in Germany.

It welcomes tens of thousands of visitors to this magnificent festival which combines the fireworks show with a mixture of live and recorded music. It is always held at the Royal Herrenhausen Gardens which are the most important baroque gardens of their kind in Europe.

Each of the competing teams taking part in the event is tasked with creating a 25 minute display with a 4 minute compulsory section connecting the pyro to the beautiful, historic surroundings. The teams must use a mixture of ground and aerial effects.

The entertainment begins early evening with live music, theatrical and variety performance acts alongside a huge number of concessions to ensure that the family is fed and watered throughout.


Saturday 16th May - Pyroemotions – Italy
Saturday 6th June - Ricardo Caballer – Spain
Saturday 22nd August - Suomen Ilotulitus Oy - Finland
Saturday 5th September - Dragon Fireworks - Philippines
Saturday 19th September - Goteborgs Fyrverkeri Fabrik - Sweden

First to compete on 16th May are the supremely talented Pyroemotions Italy who kick off the competition in usual European style with bright colour and effect. This comparatively new company performed incredibly well last year, winning the titles of Champions of the Pyronale in Berlin and the International Fireworks Festival in Malta. Previous accolades include Montreal in 2013 and the Knokke Heist Festival in Belgium in 2012.

Taking a look at their efforts in Montreal in 2013, it came as no surprise that they won with lots or colour, innovative design and some of the most beautiful effects I have seen to date. From the opening sequence to the end, the full 30 minutes it was precision itself. As such, expect a magnificent symmetrical display, packed to the rafters with amazing effects and colour.

Next up, Ricardo Caballer Ricassa, hailing from the beautiful city of Valencia they are international industry leaders in both displays and the manufacture of pyro musicals, stage and film special effects and so on.

The company was established in 1881 by Vincente Caballer Catayud and it continues to run under his Great Grandson today. The team use an astonishing blend of pyro with music both popular and traditional Spanish to beautiful effect and of course, being European, they use lots of warm colours in their productions.

Third to fire on 22nd August is the team Suomen Ilotulitus Oy, Finland (AKA Finnish Fireworks Ltd). Another business which has been operating for almost 70 years following on from the combination of a number of other firework companies to create this ‘super company’. Today, Finnish Fireworks Ltd is one of the standout companies taking part and they are likely to add some new and innovative effects from their arsenal. I like their strobing pearls which last forever. Expect the unexpected from this team as they battle with the big boys.

Penultimate team Dragon Fireworks from the Philippines will paint the sky on 5th September. Industry leaders in their own country since 1992, they were official firework providers to the Asian Games and worthy Winners of the Pyronale World Firework championships in Berlin where they were the first ever Asian company in the history of the event to take the title.

Finally, Swedish company Goteborgs Fyreverkeri Fabrik who will show their wares on 19th September. This team took the title of winner in the first Knokke Heist Festival. Since then, they have achieved international recognition as a force to be reckoned with. As the country’s premier display specialists they have a huge number of clients from Mercedes-Benz to the New Year’s display in Gothenburg.

This competition is wide open and I cannot wait to see what they can pull out of the bag.

Best of luck to all the competing teams :)

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