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Garden Fireworks Selection


The Covid 19 Pandemic continues to control the country and it has already resulted in the cancellation of organised pyro events up and down the length and breadth of the UK and of course on businesses connected with Fireworks.  The loss of the annual London New Year’s Eve fireworks as well as uncertainty surrounding the Edinburgh Hogmanay Celebrations, which remain under threat.

However, it is not all doom and gloom and we have a HUGE range of Garden Fireworks which will help you to celebrate both the upcoming Bonfire Night and the New Year, although we remain ever hopeful that we will be out of any danger from the Coronavirus.



This year, we are featuring a couple of super-sized compound cakes as well as a huge array of garden firework cakes to make the best of the situation:


This is BIG two-minute compound cake by Brothers with a huge variety of colours and effects and has an 8m safety distance. Not overly loud but still has a few whistles (screechers) and pops but a beauty of a cake, made easy to use.


A huge 224 shot cake ready to go finale display in a box. One light and you will have a full 1 minute and 40 seconds of sky filling effects. Quite loud so be mindful of this but still categorised as an 8m safety distance cake. An absolute stunner of a firework which would add duration and beauty to any display.


This 25-shot barrage is packed with colours and effects and it is LOUD.  Crackles, palms, peonies and colourful comets requiring 8m safety clearance.  Another lovely piece for those who do not have a garden the size of Wembley (and trust me … we have a few of those peeps!) with high impact effects – a beautiful little cake.


36 shots of delightful crossette effects. This is one of the least common firework effects as it is difficult to get right. Bright colours of green, red and silver fizzing comets wend skywards before breaking into cross shaped effects. A nice addition to any display and not overly loud.


Another of our own brand products, War Zone belies just how lovely it is.  Packed with peony effects and beautiful glittering strobing stars it is a great addition to any garden display with a final blast featuring golden glittering comet tails which break into a huge bouquet effect. 


This fanned barrage throws up banks of 6 at a time of spinning tailed comets which on reaching around 70-80 feet will break into multi firing glittering peonies which alternate between red, green and blue. A beautiful barrage which has quite a loud report.

So there you have just a small selection of our garden fireworks. Check them out in full on the website where you can watch videos of them in action.



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