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Fundraising Efforts for Community Fireworks: Stories from Bewdley and Looe

Fundraising Efforts for Community Fireworks: Stories from Bewdley and Looe

Fireworks displays have a unique way of bringing communities together, creating moments of joy and celebration. This year, two beloved events, the Bewdley Carnival and Looe’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, have turned to community fundraising to ensure their fireworks displays light up the skies once again.

Here's there story and we also share tips and tactics for how you can fund your firework display with community fundraising.

Bewdley Carnival: Reviving a Tradition

The Bewdley Carnival, set for Saturday, June 29, is known for its vibrant parade and lively atmosphere. This year, the carnival committee decided to revive the tradition of a fireworks display, which had been a highlight of the event in previous years. Responding to public demand, a poll on their Facebook page revealed overwhelming support for the return of the fireworks.

To make this happen, the committee launched a fundraiser, inviting supporters to contribute small donations. The community's response was fantastic, with a total of £2,825 raised. Thanks to these generous contributions, the fireworks display will kick off the festivities on Friday, June 28, at 10pm. The display will be set off from Bewdley Rowing Club, offering spectacular views from the riverside and town centre.

The carnival itself promises a day of fun and entertainment. Starting at 12pm, the parade will feature floats, emergency service vehicles, and local groups such as the Bewdley Community Marching Band. The route will take it from Bewdley Pines Golf Club, down Habberley Road, along Kidderminster Road, and across Bewdley Bridge, arriving in Bewdley Town Centre by 1pm.

Looe’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks: A Community Effort

In Looe, Citizen of the Year Tracey Pickard is spearheading efforts to fund the town’s New Year’s Eve fireworks. Organised by a small group of volunteers in partnership with the Looe Development Trust, the event features two displays: one for families and a midnight spectacle. The display costs around £6,000, making fundraising essential.

Tracey’s goal is ambitious yet achievable: to raise £8,000 by the end of 2024, covering the costs of the 2024 event and contributing to the 2025 displays. Donations can be made online, providing a convenient way for supporters to contribute to the community event.

Fundraising for Your Own Community Firework Display

These efforts in Bewdley and Looe show the power of community spirit and the importance of local support in bringing events to life. Fundraising plays a crucial role in ensuring that fireworks displays can continue to be a part of these celebrations, creating magical moments for everyone involved.

If you’re inspired by these stories and considering hosting a fundraiser for your own fireworks event, our comprehensive guide, Top tips for hosting a successful fundraising event for your firework display, is a must-read. In the article you'll find:

Understanding the Importance of Community Fireworks Community fireworks displays are more than just visual spectacles; they're events that foster community spirit, celebrate local traditions, and create shared memories.

Tips for Organising a Successful Fundraiser From initial planning to execution, we provide advice on organising a successful fundraiser. Discover the best practices for setting realistic goals, creating a timeline, and assembling a dedicated team to help you along the way.

Creative Fundraising Ideas Not sure where to start with your fundraising activities? Our article offers a variety of creative ideas to get the community involved and excited.

Securing Sponsorship Local businesses can be valuable partners in your fundraising efforts. Learn how to approach potential sponsors, what to offer in return, and how to create mutually beneficial relationships that support your event financially and increase its visibility.

Leveraging Local Support Harness the power of your community by engaging local media, leveraging social media platforms, and partnering with community organisations. We provide strategies for maximising local support to ensure your fundraising efforts reach their full potential.

Managing the Funds Proper management of the funds raised is crucial to the success of your event. Our guide includes tips on budgeting, keeping transparent records, and ensuring that every penny is accounted for and used effectively.

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