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France Win Blackpool Fireworks 2013

France Win Blackpool Fireworks 2013

Oui Monsieur – Cest Magnifique !!

The hard-fought Blackpool World Fireworks Championships came to a close last night as the winners of the 2013 were announced.

The Winners of the coveted title in this epic battle for pyro supremacy this year:


Opening the show with ‘No Regrets’ by Edith Piaff it was clear to see from the outset that the French had their work cut out with the wind blowing it was liable to have an impact on the display but the overall effects of the fireworks used were brilliant.

The French team principal Jean Charles Audoubert describes their art as “theatrical with a stage of infinite dimension” ….. only in France ehh!!

It was a lovely display I have to say but personally I didn’t consider the choreography to be very ‘en sync’ but that could have been a direct result of the windy conditions as the music did not correlate with the bursts on the pyro but from around 5 minutes in, they seemed to suddenly draw the whole thing together beautifully. My favourite burst was one which looked like a huge pink hearted daisy – well-done TEAM FRANCE.

Of course, the finale was by Titanium Fireworks UK. They were fortunate enough to display on a relatively clear dry late Summers evening with a slight breeze unlike the competing teams had experienced over the previous few weeks. The display was absolutely gorgeous with some stunning aerial and ground fireworks and music not all gleaned from the 1950’s.

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