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It is a well-acknowledged fact that if you want the best quality product available, whether you are shopping for footwear or fireworks, you are better dealing with a specialist.

Here at Epic, we have specialised in fireworks for over twenty-five years and there is little we have not come across over that time that we have not been asked to resolve. The general populace is becoming more astute at ensuring that their products, particularly at times of financial crisis, are of the best quality available.

This is, of course, an ethos that Epic is proud to uphold with a massive range of fireworks available from our bespoke showroom in South Yorkshire and we pride ourselves on our Customer Service excellence which is reflected in our testimonials.

The store itself is laid out with dummies of all our products so that you can see the actual size of the live item before we bring it out of storage. There are details of the effects of the fireworks on the data cards displayed below the products and if you are still unsure, almost all of our products can be viewed either on our website or YouTube. If you ask for one of our specially trained sales staff, they will be happy to show you the film of the firework on one of the TV screens available.

You can sit and browse the brochure at your leisure and help yourself to a cup of tea or coffee whilst you make up your mind.

Our packs start from just £24.95 for the Plot Night exclusively available for collection from Head Office all the way through the range to the wonderful Ultimate Bonfire at £2000.00 which can either be collected (you will need a sizeable car or preferably a van) or delivered.

Whatever your needs, whichever fireworks company you choose, make sure you stick to a reputable fireworks dealer who has specialist knowledge and is not only there until the 6th November, never to be seen again, because if you have any questions, they are unlikely to be able to answer.

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