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Fireworks On Every Cruise

Fireworks On Every Cruise

Holiday time is always difficult for the true pyro-head as they have to be dragged kicking and screaming from the smell of the flash powder but one Norwegian Cruise Line has stepped up with a fantastic idea.

In 2013 the Norwegian Breakaway, the cruise line’s newest ship will feature fireworks on every cruise. Environmentally friendly fireworks have been developed to reduce the amount of atmospheric pollution produced. Eco-friendly fireworks have a clean burning, nitrogen-based fuel. This means a perchlorate oxidiser is not needed and because there is little smoke, only small amounts of metal salts are needed to produce the brilliantly coloured flames.

The ship will host their version of the hit Broadway show ‘Rock of Ages’ and the fireworks will create the atmosphere for the finale on the 80’s themed party deck and will be fired to hits from 80’s wonder acts like Cherish from Madonna, Whip It by Devo and classics like Final Countdown (Europe) and Purple Rain (Prince). As the fireworks will be carefully choreographed to the beat of the music the guests on board will be treated to an experience which few have ever had the opportunity to enjoy before.

So, if you fancy a 7-day cruise to Bermuda including fireworks the ship will depart New York on Sunday, May 12th this year for its maiden voyage. Later in the year, the ship will be taking to the waters of Florida and the Southern Caribbean.

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