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Fireworks Light The Sky At Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony

Like many I am sure, I for one was beginning to think that this event would never actually materialise but here we are, 7 years in the planning and the 2012 Olympics Opening ceremony will be televised across the globe.

Unfortunately, living on the outskirts of a City in a little village, there were no bells to be heard and we narrowly missed a view of the travelling Olympic Torch on its way to London. But, as ever, we remain British and proud that in the midst of one of the most devastating economic crisis’ of our time, we have still managed to pull it off and will give the world and its wife something to talk over for the next four years before the soothsayers start comparing the countries once again.

Facing fact though, as China is the biggest producer of fireworks in the World and of small electronics and LED’s, they are unlikely to be beaten for some years to come.

This evening’s soiree is the mastermind of non-other than acclaimed film director Danny Boyle of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ fame. Obviously, anyone who has seen the film will appreciate that Mr Boyle is more than capable of adding glitz and glamour to even the lowliest surroundings.

The honour of the fireworks display is falling to the fabulous Kimbolton Fireworks who were responsible for the staggeringly good New Year’s Eve display in London this year. I imagine that having this task fall to them is more than a little daunting but we sincerely wish them the best of luck.

So Britain lets back our Olympic hopefuls and cheers them on in what promises to be a spine-tingling spectacular.

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