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Fireworks, its all a dream

Dreaming about Fireworks? Wondering Why?

We all love fireworks, there is no doubt about that. However, when we start to dream about fireworks, what could it mean? Of course the simplest answer is that it’s been too long since we last visited Epic Fireworks, the UK’s leading supplier of display fireworks - but it may also have other, much deeper meanings.

Let’s delve into one of the most unexplored and mysterious places on earth… the human psyche.

There are many explanations for dreams and many different interpretations for images that we see while we sleep.

Fireworks in dreams are said to have the same significance as an explosion, a release of energy of emotions. This can have a powerful effect on us and on people around us. So if your partner starts to fizz like a fuse in the middle of the night, it might be a good idea to have a bucket of cold water handy.

Of course, fireworks are generally associated with happy occasions and celebrations. It’s not often that you will see a firework and not be happy about it or even happy before you see it. When we dream of fireworks we are hoping to be able to celebrate a happy occasion or good fortune. So it could be that we are hoping for something good to happen. I reckon seeing fireworks is good in itself so really dreaming about fireworks could actually just mean that we want to watch fireworks. So dreaming of fireworks = wanting to watch fireworks. This seems to make good sense. Unless you are scared of fireworks, in which case it probably means something bad, but let us focus on the positive people!

There could also be a more....spiritual meaning behind the dream (cue religious type music). If there is an excess of spiritual emotion in you, it might need to be channelled by your brain to stop it shooting off all over the place. This can be very messy (see the note about having a bucket of water above). Different fireworks can represent different things. The Catherine Wheel is said to symbolise the martyrdom of St Catherine of Sienna, thus seeing a Catherine Wheel in your dream could signify feminine oppression. However if like most people you didn’t know that the Catherine Wheel represented that how would your brain know to use that imagery as a representation? Another mystery of the human mind. Also seeing a rocket represents your aiming for the unknown, a blind, unguided flight into a sky full of surprises. Or again, it could just mean you fancy lighting a rocket.

Some say that seeing fireworks in dreams shows that you are enthusiastic, creative and talented, although it could also mean that you are a big show off and are making a bit of a spectacle of yourself. I think, taking it all into account, using logic and reason and what with one thing and another, weighing up all the arguments, looking at the bigger picture and remembering to carry the 1, that you just want to light some fireworks. And what’s wrong with that?

Above is a representation of a nightmare. No fireworks allowed!!!! Noooooo!!!!

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