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Here are a few examples of some of the best fireworks featured in computer games over the years gone by. 

Fortnite! Not knowing much personally about the game but others in the office do we got quite excited about this challenge and one of the best ones in our opinion that has featured on the game in a while.

Forza Horizon Series – these are featured at the central garage where you can get all your fine-tuning, look around the showroom and much more. It is always highlighted on the map, but if you go there during the night time you won’t be able to miss it as you can catch a fantastic firework above the hub reaching high into the night sky. Well worth leaving your car for an upgrade in our opinion.

Rocket League – This one is more of a challenge as you only get rewarded with fireworks when you score a goal in this football car hybrid. This is a custom option with loads of different things to choose from, but this is one, of course, is the best goal celebration in our opinion.

Final Fantasy XIII – Two of the main characters in this game Sorah and Snow are shown flying around and enclosed firework display. The fireworks in the scene are CGI but they are still beautiful all the same. Also, you can earn fireworks in several challenges throughout the game and different games such as fireworks in a bottle or fireworks for completing different quests and challenges.

Hitman – featuring several fireworks displays throughout. The best one is in the Paris episode that you can trigger yourself or even use against your enemies. As Paris is the first episode you don’t have to wait or play too long to get your pyro fix.

Batman Arkham Assylum – An arch-enemy the Joker releases the fireworks in order to entice you (batman) of course to go up to the asylum. The attention to detail on this keeps an eye out in the skies for the smiley faces along with the bat symbol firework that he has managed to get his hands on.

Super Mario Bros – everyone at some point will have played or witness someone playing this game and probably before now not really noticed the fireworks as they are basic but still there all the same. Everyone enjoys the challenge at the end of the level, trying to get to the top of the flag pole. The more that you score the more fireworks are released above the castle. It is tricky getting the right timing but worth it at the end. Also, there is a firework scene at the end when the princess is rescued as a celebration.

Left for Dead 2 – the fireworks are a usable item in certain chapters of the game. They can be ignited by fire or gunshot but keep your distance as they have a large blast area. A fireworks crate is on offer which is like a selection box containing multiple things such as skyrockets, ground spinners, flares, sparklers, and firecrackers.

Animal Crossing – Normally as the game follows normal time there will only be certain times when you get to witness a firework display 4th of July and New Year’s Even been the big ones. This is also when the mayor of the town hands out roman candles, party poppers, sparklers and fountain fireworks to everyone. After this, there are in Wild world every Saturday in August from 7pm and also in City Folk and in New Leaf every Sunday in August so make sure that you don’t miss these. You can also by speaking with Isabelle before the show organise and design your own display in the Able sister’s shop.

Mine Craft – Another popular game before the release of Fortnite. You can create and fire rockets, but they are only obtainable through crafting or can be found in the creative inventory. Using different firework stars creates different colours, bursts, and effects.

This is just a selection of what is on offer and as there are more and more games released, we are sure that there will be plenty more firework or displays to see on games in the future.

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