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Fireworks At Sea With Disney Fantasy

“Buccaneer Blast!” Fireworks at Sea

Disney has raised the bar once again.

As the only cruise liner to feature fireworks displays at sea, the new Disney Fantasy is the largest cruise liner to be added to their luxury fleet.

Here are some Disney Fantasy facts:

  • 14 enormous decks
  • 1115 feet (340 metres) in length
  • Maximum width of 125 feet (38 metres)
  • Gross weight of 130,000 tonnes
  • A capacity to comfortably hold 4000 passengers plus 1500 crew and cast members

Disney have long been the leaders in the fireworks display industry at sea and their patented air launch system is not only quieter, greener, more precise and less dangerous - it allowed the fireworks to be displayed in ways never seen before :)

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