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Firework Photography

Fireworks and Moon

Some time ago you may have read a blog about the relationship between fireworks and flowers; little did I know at the time how close I was to the mark when discussing the shapes created when a shell full of multi-coloured stars explodes.

Earlier this month David Johnson, a world-renowned photographer took a few snaps while attending the International fireworks show in Ottawa, Canada.

Like a lot of things we take for granted in life, vulcanised rubber, penicillin, even gunpowder, these were all “accidentally” invented or more correctly discovered.

David tried a little experiment.

Taking long exposure shots of 1 or 2 seconds, and as soon as the report was heard, he quickly refocused at the burst.

The results were a surprise even to David, the longer you look at the pictures, the more fascinating they become.

Feast your eyes on what I consider to be the best firework photographs I have ever seen.

I feel a purchase of some of our small barrages and a couple of rockets coming on later today, and a weekend of photographic experimentation.

And body else who feels inspired by these shots, we will be open all weekend as always.

We will be happy to publish your work on our site and may even give a small prize for the best firework photograph.

Happy snapping.

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