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Firework Noise and the Impact on Small Children

Firework Noise and the Impact on Small Children

This precious little girl was unable to sleep soundly because she thought she kept hearing fireworks. Her lovely daddy sang along with her to ‘you belong to me’ and amidst many pauses, positively insisted upon by little Adelaide, she explains about the ‘whooshes and shush’ of fireworks. She asks for reassurance from her daddy to go check outside but he just maintains focus on singing the song. He doesn't validate her fears and continues to direct her back to the song instead of her fears. A lovely dad I am sure you will agree but what can you do to help your little one’s for Bonfire Night.

We acknowledge that some small children really struggle with loud noises and it can become quite distressing for them to cope with. If you are going to a display this Bonfire Night, you can make preparations in advance to lessen the impact of the sights and sounds of Bonfire Night to enable them to enjoy them.

• Prepare the child – explain about Bonfire Night and what is going to happen – the sounds, the sights and smells of Bonfire Night can be really strange and its dark too and the time when little ones are usually ready for bed.

• If they are old enough, create a story about a little boy/girls visit a Bonfire Night display – this is a tried and tested formula and will help.

• Cover your little one’s ears. Children’s hearing is a great deal more sensitive than ours so earplugs or noise cancelling headphones will be great.

• Try some deep breathing exercises – children are never too young to learn coping skills. Teaching a child breathing techniques alleviates anxiety and helps them to cope better in unfamiliar situations.

• Let them see a display on-screen. There are so many videos on YouTube of firework displays from New Year to full-on competitive displays – check out Epic Fireworks YouTube channel. You could also bear in mind that Disneyland has a daily fireworks display over the Magic Kingdom. Desensitization is gradual and you should start watching a big display at a low sound level and work up to the loudest.

Whatever it takes to make sure your child is ready for Bonfire Night and it will be something all the family can enjoy together.

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