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This is the first event of the Firework Champions events and was destined to be one of the greats with a classy programme of three of the hardest working professional firing teams taking each other on. Last year, local team Optimum Fireworks picked up the win but it was all to play for.

It was a stunner of an evening in every sense – warm, light breeze and of course, FIREWORKS

First, to fire, Blaze Fireworks, were always going to be up against it as such a lovely evening kept it light outside until very late meaning that they were firing in twilight rather than fully dark, but they didn’t let it beat them. Some of the colours were difficult to see and were not quite as clear as they would have been if the lighting conditions had been better. The mixture of music and the choreography was lovely and there were some bright spinners with purple breaks which were captivating. The final sequence was magical and fit perfectly with the music ‘Pure Imagination’ from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as the slow falling glitter was the perfect end to an excellent display. Well done Blaze Fireworks.

Second to fire; Blitz Fireworks. The opening sequence was beautifully paced and the pyro was perfectly matched to the haunting ‘Chandelier’ by Sia and then onto a cover of ‘The Sound Of Silence’ which was brilliant and the falling horsetails midway through the track brought an emotion to the display which is rarely seen – simply put it was beautiful. Beautifully symmetrical, great use of effects and colours and in a different class altogether.

Final competitors; Spectrum Fireworks. Again, a lovely mixture of music but the show was a little uneven for my taste as it appeared to lose some of the symmetry. Good mix of colours and effects and I particularly liked the rainbow colours on the full-width fan. The finale was really pretty with a good mixture of reds and golds – very good and a great interpretation of the music.

The votes were cast and counted whilst everyone was treated to a celebration display by organisers MLE.

The winner was BLITZ FIREWORKS which from the comments on social media, was certainly the chosen display from the spectators.

This weekend sees Firework Champions at the incredibly beautiful Stanford Hall near Rugby. Don’t forget, tickets are available for all the Firework Champions events taking place over the next few Saturdays.

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