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Festival Of Light Fireworks 2014

Festival Of Light Fireworks 2014

WHAT: The Honda Celebration of Light 2014
WHERE: English Bay, Vancouver
WHEN: 26th and 30th July and 2nd August
COST: FREE (we like this word :))

The organisers of the Festival of Light fireworks festival have very kindly added some details not available to us at the time of our last blog post so here you go.

Vancouver, British Columbia announces that the day before each of the competitive firework displays, representatives from the Media will be given permission to go on board the barge being set up by the professional teams for a tour around and to gain the opportunity to interview the person responsible for the production and design of the display along with a team rep.

The competing teams are:

TEAM USA - Pyrotecnico
TEAM JAPAN - Akariya Fireworks

As the largest public gathering in British Columbia, the fireworks festival attracts over 1 million visitors over 3 days and generates over $40 million in economic activity for businesses in Vancouver.

After being named Best Public Entertainment in Canada in 2012, The Honda Celebration of Light received additional national prizes, including Best Festival at the Canadian Special Event Awards in Toronto, and Gold at the Sponsorship Marketing Awards in Edmonton.

“The Honda Celebration of Light delights thousands of British Colombians and visitors with an entertaining combination of creative fireworks and great music,” said B.C. Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development Coralee Oakes. “Vancouver will light up the sky again this year like no other city in Canada.”

“We strive to offer a world-class event that invites families from BC, Canada and the world,” said Vancouver Fireworks Festival Society Chair Hon. John D. Reynolds. “Support from all of our sponsors, including the Province of British Columbia and The City of Vancouver allows us to continue this vision and build additional content for festival-goers.”

This year’s Honda Celebration of Light will be held on July 26, July 31 and August 2, featuring pyrotechnic teams from the US, France and Japan. The free SHOREFEST music festival presented by LG104.3 held in English Bay and Sunset Beach will see performances by 54-40, The Sheepdogs, The Odds and over a dozen other performers. Limited tickets to the all-ages, licensed YVR Observation Deck at English Bay are still available. For full details go to:

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