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Falmouth Dinghy Week to end with a BANG

Falmouth Dinghy Week to end with a BANG

Henri-Lloyd Falmouth Dinghy Week will be even more exciting this year as it will include the UK Wayfarer Association National Championships. Restronguet Sailing Club will host these famous dinghies and provide special races for them as part of the main regatta. The UKWA chose Falmouth for their championships because the Carrick Roads provide an ideal venue for this type of dinghy, and because of the reputation of Restronguet SC for running such a top-class event. The Wayfarer dinghy was designed by Ian Proctor in 1957. Easily recognised by its flying ‘W’ sail marker, it is a great all-rounder and has acquired a reputation as being a tough and seaworthy cruising dinghy, yet at the same time being responsive and rewarding to race. Many generations have been sailing in these strong and safe classic dinghies. Early Wayfarers were constructed in wood whilst later versions are mostly made in fibreglass, which allows for a design that is easier to build and requires less maintenance. But all versions share the same hull shape and sail plan, which ensures competitive racing. The Wayfarer’s ability to make long, open-water passages has been demonstrated many times, most famously by Frank and Margaret Dye who have cruised from East Anglia to Scotland and Iceland. Their boat ‘Wanderer’ has been displayed at the Maritime Museum in Falmouth. At 4.8 metres long and with a beam of 6 feet (1.8m), the Wayfarer is inherently very stable. She can be sailed in shallow water and easily beached. The large fore and aft watertight buoyancy compartments accommodate everything needed for a week's cruise. The Commodore of Restronguet SC, Malcolm Wakely, welcomed the news of the National Championships saying, “The Wayfarer is a classic dinghy, loved by many sailors. We are really looking forward to receiving visiting competitors from all over the country and hosting them for the fun of Henri-Lloyd Falmouth Week. I am sure that they will have a great event.” Henri-Lloyd Falmouth Week runs from August 8-15 with racing for classics, offshore yachts, dayboats, traditional craft, dinghies, and Falmouth working boats. There is a full Shoreside programme, including the carnival, Red Arrows, and spectacular fireworks display.

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