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Here at Epic we offer award winning fireworks and have the biggest range of them in the UK. We are open 7 days a week, so come on down and see what great pyro we have on offer at our custom built showroom warehouse.

With so many products on offer it can be a little daunting to choose exactly what you need to create that perfect display. Below is a handy guide to help you understand the different types of fireworks that we offer here at Epic fireworks.

Barrages – Also known as cakes, display in a box, a repeater, a one light firework, a multi-shot cake or more commonly known as an SIB single ignition barrages and more recently compound cakes. They have become the most popular form of firework used today, as they take minimum effort but give an impressive display with just the lighting of one fuse.

Here at Epic we stock the largest range of single ignitions in the UK and all our 1.3G DIY packs are made up of these SIB's to create the perfect display for any occasion. Click here and choose from over 200 different firework barrages.

Sparklers – A handheld firework that consists of a wire, coated with a mix of different pyrotechnic components which, once lit they burn slowly giving off a constant stream of bright sparkles.

Everyone here at Epic have fond childhood memories of writing their names with them when they were younger. They are popular with children big and small but never must be given to anyone under the age of 5 years. Over the year sparklers have become popular not just for bonfire night, but now are also popular at weddings, gender reveals, photo shoots and much more. 

Rockets – These are an aerial device attached to a small stick that is propelled into the air by a motor. We have a wide selection here at epic loud or quiet, big, or small, colourful, and weird effect rockets along with some fantastic ball headed rockets. All our rockets are classified as 1.3G giving you the biggest bursts, effects, colour, and noise. Click here and choose from over 40 different rockets.

Fountains – Ground based and one of the longer lasting fireworks once lit, they eject a plume of colourful sparks into the air and can include audible effects such as whistles and crackles. Fountains are one of the earliest memories that we have of fireworks, and now come in a tremendous range of sizes and effects and are an impressive way to begin a display. They are very family friendly and are a great tool to use to introduce some of the little ones to fireworks. Take a look at our firework fountain section and choose from over 30 different fountains.

Roman Candles – A firm family favourite and one of the oldest styles of fireworks. Candles date back to early china and come in many forms. A roman candle is a tube, usually cardboard, which once lit shoots out fire stars, comets, and often finish with different bursting effects such as coloured peonies and spinners. They can be noisy or quiet and are normally used for smaller garden displays but also can be used in greater numbers for professional shows. Check out the candles we have on sale here.

Mines – Often used at the beginning of a display to grab the audience’s attention as mines usually begin with a small fountain building the anticipation before the main event of launching an aerial plume of bright colours, loud crackles, whistles, and bangs.

Mines make a real impact to any display and are loud and not for the fainthearted. One of my personal favourite mines is blue star eruption, take a look at this in action and all other mines available here.

Catherine Wheels – Also known a pin wheels they are a firm family favourite and a classic style of firework and have certainly scorched a few garden fences over time. Normally a circle shape they consist of either a powder-filled spiral tube, or an angled rocket mounted with a pin through its centre. Once lit the energy the firework creates causes the wheel to quickly to rotate making a spectacular display.

Smoke Grenades – Check out our range of different coloured outdoor smoke grenades and smoke flares. Smoke-producing products are becoming more and more popular for special occasions like weddings, gender reveals, photoshoots, birthdays, Halloween, and much much more.

Ice Fountains – Producing once lit sparks and a cool flame that lasts around 60 seconds, these little indoor fountains are perfect for parties, birthdays, and celebrations. 

All of the products we offer are all listed on the Epic fireworks website where you can find out all the information on fireworks along with noise rating, safety distance and even watch a video to see exactly what they do. Have a browse and create your perfect display for every occasion.

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Alan Smith - July 27, 2021

Went to epic fireworks twice after watching a couple of YouTube videos shout out to Jimmy whizz and dusky fuse.staff very friendly and helpful bought a lot of fireworks both times and second time epic even threw in a few free fireworks so big shout out to them and thank you

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