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The absolute best fireworks in cinema, a countdown:

Nothing beats watching a mesmerizing firework display with your own eyes, right?...


Mostly right, except there are some things which can be achieved with CGI that would be impossible to recreate in real life, at least for the moment.

We are going to count down our top 10 fireworks/light display scenes in cinema, have a look through and see what you think? Have a different idea? Leave us a comment and share your ideas!

10: Dug Days - Up

Coming in at number ten, (and yes, I cheated, it’s technically not a film but a follow-on series…) is the heartfelt scene from ‘’Dug Days’’ – an adaption of the brilliant Pixar movie ‘’Up.’’


If you have seen this film, you’ll know how sentimental and emotional it can be, and this scene encapsulates that feeling entirely.

9: Guardians of the Galaxy – Yonda’s Funeral Fireworks

Warning to all Marvel fans: This will probably make you cry.


This scene is a crucial part of GOTG Vol 2, showing so much character depth that was mostly unseen beforehand.

We’re not entirely sure if this stunning light show is ‘traditional’ fireworks or not, but the beautiful colours and patterns certainly give off firework vibes…

8: The Gray Man – Fireworks Brawl

This Epic scene is brought to you by Ryan Reynolds in the action packed 2022 film ‘’The Gray Man.’’

We all love a good fight scene, but add in shells and sparks and it’s a whole different ball game, and leads to stunning visuals and lighting…

7: Loki – Fireworks Hands

I cheated (again…)
This is not a movie itself, but a series adapted from the fan favourite character Loki, from the Avengers movies.


Loki reveals he has a magical ability to generate tiny fireworks in the palm of his hands, and I cannot think of any pyro lover who wouldn’t love to have this power!

6: Kingsman – The Secret Service – Exploding Heads

This one is unique and well thought out. Kingsman managed to perfectly blend ultra-violent scenes with humour here and created one of the most interesting and eye-catching scenes ever.


After thinking it’s all over for the heroes of the story, a plan is revealed that will help to save them all. Bombs, (very colourful bombs) have been planted in their enemies’ heads.

5: The Theory of Everything – The May Ball

This one hit very close to home for us here at Epic Fireworks.

With members of our team in the past having done displays for the great scientist’s birthday parties. See the details on this here.

Professor Hawking made clear that he had a love for fireworks, and even threw a Pluto Party to celebrate the planet.

So onto the movie scene, which depicts a young Professor Hawing taking Jane (his future wife) to the May Ball, with dancing, fun and fireworks.

4: Tangled – Lanterns

Although not exactly firework themed, here at EPIC we stock these beautiful lanterns, which are perfect for many different occasions. As seen here in Tangled, the lanterns are used every year to celebrate the lost princess’ birthday and plea her to come home.


Once she finds her way home, she can witness first-hand the celebration that is held in her honour.

3: V for Vendetta – Finale – Parliament Falls

How could we forget this mind-blowing scene from possibly the most famous and popular movie among pyro enthusiasts, ‘’V for Vendetta.’’

In a future where the UK lives under a totalitarian regime, this film centres around a masked vigilante known simply as V, who fights against this regime and tries to bring down the government… Heavily inspired by the Gunpowder Plot, this movie is an absolute classic, and this scene is simply one of the best examples of movie fireworks that exists.


See how V’s plan went below…

2: The Fellowship of the Ring – Giant Dragon Firework

Our runner up spot has to go to this larger-than-life firework dragon, which turns into the biggest sky filling bursts we’ve ever seen!


They are very similar to the giant Japanese shells, Yonshakudama.

Truly breath-taking, this is an image that once you’ve seen, you’ll never forget, (and yes, we all wish this was real!)

1: Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix – Exams Cancelled!

Undoubtedly, our top spot must go to the extraordinary scene in the fifth film of the Harry Potter series.


All is quiet in the Great Hall, with the students taking a very important exam, until a rumbling is heard in the distance…

Umbridge, the antagonistic teacher is opposed to any sort of fun within school grounds and has a particular dislike for Weasley twins Fred and George due to their past antics.

Being the mischievous pair that they are, flying into the Great Hall on broomsticks and creating a magnificent (and mildly dangerous) show of fireworks is certainly a job fit for them…

The combination of the excitement, visuals, and brilliant music comes together to give us a special and thrilling scene.


This scene reminds us of the feeling that fireworks bring to us all deep down, childhood, mischief, and freedom.

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