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Epic Fireworks HQ

Epic Fireworks For Sale - The Biggest Fireworks Shop In The UK

The countdown has begun.

48 hours until the BIGGEST fireworks shop in the UK officially opens for business.

With over A HUNDRED new lines adding to our already massive range, this will be the biggest year for fireworks the UK has known since the millennium.

No matter what floats your pyrotechnic boat we have it. The biggest and best effect barrages in the country, the largest range of massive rockets that are guaranteed to make a good BANG. Fountains that go higher than any other fountain available on the UK market. We hand pick the best fireworks that Britain and China have to offer and put them all under one roof.

With professional, friendly advice from our trained pyrotechnic team, a warm welcome for everyone and the very best prices to be found anywhere, Epic Fireworks is your ONLY choice for fireworks, no matter what time of year.

Open 7 days a week all year round, closing only for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day we really mean business. We are confident to say that it is not possible to get quality 1.3G fireworks anywhere else at these prices. Shop around, we do and we cannot find them cheaper anywhere else.

So come on down from Monday 23rd August 2010 and see for yourself, the BIGGEST fireworks shop in the country is open for business.

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