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Epic Fireworks Get Biblical Review

Epic Fireworks Get Biblical Review

Most self-respecting men out there, particularly those within the 18 – 35 age group, will be aware of the Lad Bible. An online publication where basically boys can be boys and just about anything that amuses them is shared to the millions of fans on their website, facebook and twitter.

The Lad Bible is the brainchild of two friends from Stockport, Alex Solomou and Arian Kalantan who have honed the content featured until they have managed to make the site the twelfth most popular site in the UK today.

The feature funny pictures, videos etc of content relating to life in general and people do the strangest of things, some crazy or foolhardy, others informative and from every corner of the internet but there is no getting away from the fact that they have a HUGE following.

When we realised that the LAD bible had a massive Game of Thrones fan-base we were happy to let them share our picture with the great unwashed. As avid fans of the series, which involves everything from huge wolves to characters being beheaded, after a couple of shows, we decided we could of course re-create the Iron Throne in Epic style with our own product range and so the Epic Firework Throne was born.


Big thanks to theLADbible team for the article.

BUT, out of all the people in the world - you put us beside Kanye West. Cheers for that...

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