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Epic Fireworks Feature Wired Mag Nov 2013

Epic Fireworks Feature Wired Mag Nov 2013

Epic Fireworks Feature - Wired Magazine

OOOPPPSSS we did it again … EPIC FIREWORKS In The Media :)

As some of you may know, Epic are no strangers to being in the media and as such, we were delighted to be approached by Wired Magazine who wanted to do an editorial piece on some of the biggest fireworks in the UK and they naturally came to the best.

They tested the list of goodies in a field somewhere in deepest darkest Cambridgeshire (and had a brilliant time by all accounts). All the pyro was filmed and photographed on a tripod mounted camera’s and sound pressure level metres and all the items were rated on the visual effect (gauged by the oohs) and the noise levels (gauged by the aahhs).

The goodies they tested were:

  • Super Conic Fountain – 1kg, massive fountain which is a brilliant starter to any display as it gets increasingly higher in the sky
  • Space Blaster Rocket – medium priced rocket with mixed effects – 5 to a pack
  • Green Ball Head Rocket – High and loud broad tailed rocket with a massive green burst followed by crackling stars
  • Thunderous Finale 2 - the second version of our best seller – a beautiful addition to any finale and fast firing.
  • Venus Sky Trap – long-lasting display piece which will keep everyone entertained.
  • Angels Vs Demons – super fast firing beauty which is one of the mainstay’s of the Epic range with fantastic effects including huge spiralling comet tails and beautiful golden glitter. A must have for any self-respecting pyro freak.
  • Sky Storm rocket – this beautiful double break rocket comes either as a single or as part of a pack of three. Beautiful and sky filling. Great for those who want a mid-sized big rocket for the start or end of a display.

The piece also covers the safety aspect of any fireworks display and clearly highlights the safety distances, how to best set up the fireworks for greatest impact and the fall out zone where any debris can drop without coming anywhere close to the crowd.

A great editorial about a great subject for which we thank the team at Wired Magazine.

Epic Fireworks Feature - Wired Magazine

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