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Epic Fireworks Christmas Opening Hours

Its HAPPY time here at Epic as we prepare for the end of another fabulous year and for all those who have yet to get their fireworks for Christmas and New Year, we thought we had better give everyone a quick heads up.

We will be open every day at 9:00am apart from Christmas and Boxing Day’s and then right through until New Year's Eve when we close at 5:00pm, reopening on 2nd January 2013. The showroom will be open to collect whatever items you may require until 5:00pm on Christmas Eve (closed Christmas day and Boxing Day) and reopen on 27th December until 5:00pm on 31st December.

All customers who spend over £150.00 in the showroom will receive a free gift of either 5 HUGE sky lanterns or a DVD player. The Sky Lanterns are truly beautiful and a fitting end to the year as they majestically drift off into the beyond with messages of love attached.

If you are ordering fireworks for delivery, please remember that whilst we will be delivering all the way through to New Year’s Eve, the earlier you get your order in the better just in case there is a break in the weather.

All that remains is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas from all the staff and management at Epic fireworks and we hope to see you again soon.

Have An Epic Christmas from Epic Fireworks

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