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Enjoy Late Night Riding and Spectacular Firework Displays at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Enjoy Late Night Riding and Spectacular Firework Displays at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Welcome to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, where the fun never ends, even when the sun goes down!

The dates for the 2024 Late Night Riding events have just been released and we've got everything you need to know to make the most of these events and enjoy the awesome fireworks displays that will be happening each night.

Late-Night Riding and Firework Dates

Mark your calendars for these dates:

  • Saturday 6th July
  • Saturday 27th July
  • Saturday 3rd August
  • Saturday 24th August

On these evenings, the park comes alive with themed music, special shows, and entertainment, creating a unique atmosphere for you to enjoy.

The fireworks will start at 10:00pm each night, filling the skies above the rollercoasters and attractions with dazzling lights and colours.

Plus, don't miss the grand finale of the season on Saturday 30th November, where  there will be a huge display to celebrate another great year of events and fun at the Pleasure Beach. The fireworks on this night will start at 5pm.

Please note that some rides will close earlier than usual on the firework nights due to the safety exclusion zone for the firework displays. These include ICON, Sky Force, Big One, Eddie Stobart, Veteran Carousel, Alpine Rallye, Avalanche, Steeplechase, Big Dipper and PB Express, Infusion, Grand Prix and Bradley & Bella’s Garden so make sure you get a ride on those earlier in the day.

Blackpool: Home of the World Firework Championships

Did you know that Blackpool isn't just famous for its thrilling rides and vibrant atmosphere? It's also the proud home of the World Firework Championships.

In 2024, the championship dates are set for:

  • Saturday 7th September
  • Saturday 21st September
  • Saturday 5th October

This internationally acclaimed event attracts pyrotechnic experts from around the globe to showcase their skills and creativity. Each year, teams compete against each other to deliver awe-inspiring displays synchronised to music, against the backdrop of the iconic Blackpool Tower. The championships, set over the beachfront, are a must-see event for fireworks enthusiasts and tourists alike.

Best of all, admission to these championship events is free, allowing everyone to witness the magic of the firework competition and displays.

Tips for Visitors

  1. Arrive Early: To make the most of your visit to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the fireworks display, consider arriving early in the day. This allows you to enjoy the park's attractions, rides, and entertainment before the evening festivities begin.

  2. Check Ride Closure Times: As mentioned, some rides will close earlier than usual on firework nights due to safety regulations. Be sure to check the ride closure schedule in advance to plan your day and avoid disappointment.

  3. Find the Best Viewing Spot: For optimal views of the fireworks, scout out prime viewing locations within the park or along the promenade. Popular spots include the beachfront area and elevated vantage points where you can enjoy unobstructed views of the displays.

  4. Stay for the Entire Evening: Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Blackpool Pleasure Beach as the day transitions into night. Enjoy late-night rides on roller coasters and attractions, fill up on snacks and meals at onsite eateries, and soak up the general atmosphere before the fireworks light up the sky.

  5. Bring Warm Clothing: Evenings in Blackpool can get chilly. Remember to dress warmly and layer up to stay comfortable while watching the fireworks. Bringing along blankets or folding chairs can also be great additions to have an even better night watching the displays.

  6. Plan Your Transport: Consider your transportation options for getting to and from Blackpool Pleasure Beach, especially if you're attending the late-night events. Whether you're driving, using public transport, or opting for alternative modes of travel, plan your journey in advance to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

By following these tips, you can make the most of your visit to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and enjoy an unforgettable evening of late-night riding and spectacular fireworks.

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