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Dubai Welcomes 2014 With A Record Breaking Fireworks Display

Dubai Welcomes 2014 With A Record Breaking Fireworks Display

We did a blog post a couple of weeks ago regarding the plans afoot for a world record attempt in Dubai following the Country’s successful bid to host the Expo 2020.

The organisers wanted to make this a New Year to remember but, how much of this is really fulfilling what I have always believed the purpose of a record is that it is difficult to achieve without sheer hard work and determination whereas in this case, it seems to be provided you have the money, it is feasible. That said, the logistical challenges of this massive record attempt in one of the busiest cities in the World must have been tremendous and the end results EPIC!!!!

With fireworks set on every vantage point for this massive display across the city, the clock was on a countdown and the noise from the gathered crowds was building to a crescendo.

With half a million fireworks across 400 locations in 6 minutes, it was of course absolutely amazing and the footage featured was filmed from the air so you can see most of the pyro brilliantly over some distance apart from a couple of wobbles. The display had everything from the ground to way up in the dark skies over Dubai with hearts, flowers, spaceships, massive shells and just miles and miles of beautiful pyro.

For those who witnessed the event first-hand probably wondered why the fireworks on the Palm in Dubai started late...well the reason was they achieved a new world record with 100,000 (YES, one hundred thousand) fireworks in 60 seconds.

Happy New Year to everyone and have a great 2014.

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