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Danang International Firework Festival Organizers Distribute 15000 Fireworks Tickets

Pháo hoa Đà nẵng - Danang fireworks - DaNang International Fireworks Competition 2009

Organizers of Danang International Firework Festival will distribute 15,000 festival tickets to travel firms to sell throughout Vietnam from March 5th 2010.

Seventy thousand visitors are expected to come the March 27-28 festival, with tickets selling for VND200,000 (US$11).

The city is building a new grandstand with 25,000 seats, expected to be completed March 20th, 2010.

So far there have been heavy bookings, but rooms were still available at the city’s 142 guesthouses and 170 hotels.

Pháo hoa Đà nẵng - Danang fireworks - Danang International Fireworks Competition 2009

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