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DaNang Fireworks Competition 2012

Danang Firework Competition - Chinese show

Danang International Fireworks Competition 2012

2012 sees the fifth International Fireworks Competition getting underway between 29th and 30th April.

The event is to find the Champion of Champions as all four competing teams are previous winners of the Fireworks Competition. China, France, Canada and Italy will all be competing along with the hosts Team Vietnam.

These years theme the colours of Da Nang. The competing teams will once again thrill the crowds with colourful fireworks depicting DaNang young, a dynamic and rapidly developing city along the Han River.

The 29 April 2012 is to be the First Competition Night. The first competitors at 2035 from team Canada are David Whysall International Fireworks Company - Champion Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 20:08 followed by Team Da Nang at 21:10 and then at 21:45 team China Display - Liuyang Dancing Fireworks Group Co., Ltd; champion of DIFC 2009.

The second night’s displays start at 20:20 with Team France - represented by Jacques Couturier Organisation; champion of DIFC 2010 and concluding the competition at 20:55 with Team Italy Display - Parente Fireworks, champion of DIFC 2011. The displays will then be judged and the Champion of Champions will be announced.

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