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Da Nang Fireworks 2012

The international firework competition at Da Nang, Australia's team

On 29th and 30th April this year, teams will once again participate in the 6th Annual Da Nang International Fireworks Competition.

The 2012 Competition will crown the champion of champions as all four International teams are previous winners of the event.

• 2008 - David Whysall International Fireworks from Canada
• 2009 - Dragon Dancing Fireworks from China
• 2010 - The Jacques Couturier Organisation from France)
• 2011 - Parente Fireworks from Italy

All four along with representation from Vietnam will be judged on a number of different facets including:

• The idea, the theme of diversity and performance.
• The richness, diversity of colours.
• The originality and quality of performance.
• The size and quantity of effects.
• The synchronization between sound and image,
• The appropriateness of music with images of fireworks.
• Comply with the theme and demonstrate the significance of the contest theme.
• Length of performance: from 20 to 22 minutes.

The programme of events:

29th April 2012 – First Competition Night

• 16:30 Invited Guests arrive
• 18:00 Entertainment and Cultural Show
• 19:30 Welcome VIPs
• 20:00 Official Performance
• 20:20 Opening Ceremony & Welcome Speech by Chairman
• 20:35 Team Canada Display – David Whysall International Fireworks Inc
• 20:55 Interval/ Entertainment
• 21:10 Team Vietnam Display – Team Da Nang.
• 21:30 Interval/ Entertainment
• 21:45 Team China Display – Liuyang Dancing Fireworks Group Co

30th April 2012 – Second Competition Night

• 16:30 Invited Guests arrive
• 18:00 Entertainment and Cultural Show
• 19:30 Welcome VIPs
• 20:00 Official Performance
• 20:20 Team France Display – Jacques Couturier Organisation
• 20:40 Interval/ Entertainment
• 20:55 Team Italy Display- Parente Fireworks
• 21:15 Interval/ Entertainment
• 21:30 Prize Giving and Closing Ceremony

This years organizer, The Peoples Committee of Da Nang confirm that the events will be staged in strategic areas including streets, buildings and on the Han River Bridge and Phuoc Thuan Bridge as well as on a number of boats and barges actually on the river.

Last years event was said to be totally breathtaking and this year promises to be even better with competition to find ‘The Champion of Champions’ on the international stage over in Vietnam.

Đà Nẵng Firework

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