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Why not come visit our COVID safe showroom which is open 7 days a week and take a glance at the biggest firework range in UK with a selection of over 300 fireworks on offer.

The Epic Fireworks Showroom

If you come to see us here at Head Office in Tankersley, we can offer you a superb selection of collection only packs for all customers from near and far with freebies thrown in for good measure.

These packs may be smaller in size but have been put together by the Epic team to make sure that you still have the best quality and effects for any occasion. Ranging from £24.95 to £149.95 These can be used on their own or added to a larger pack to make an outstanding display.

Plot Night - £24.95 - 34 Fireworks 

This is the cheapest of the packs but still does certainly pack a punch. It contains everything for a back-garden display with fountains, roman candles, aerial barrages, mine pot, 1.3G rockets, and the classic Catherine wheel. For the finale piece we have also thrown in free of charge a 28 shot Humming Hornets barrage.

Traitor’s - £34.95 - 35 Fireworks

Another of the smaller DIY packs but this represents the excellent value for money that we offer here at Epic. The Super Star selection box contains 15 different fireworks all with mixed effects and alongside this we have put in our own selection of 1.3g rockets the Saturn 5, Super Six and Bazooka Bomb to fire off as and when to keep the flow going. The Halo fountain and Humming Hornets are great for the build up to the finale and with this pack the freebie for the finale piece is Whistle Mix Pop.

Traitors Fireworks Kit by Epic Fireworks

Penny for The Guy - £44.95 - 43 Fireworks

The pack includes Mega Party selection box that has a wide variety of products including roman candles, fountains, shot tubes, a wheel, and a multi-shot cake. We have put in more of our 1.3G rockets that produce various effects and colours. The Epic Fantasia Fountain is also in there along with the 27- shot barrage Whistle Mix Pop. The gift for coming along and collecting is Humming Hornets.

Come Back Guy Fawkes T-Shirt. "Come Back Guy Fawkes, All Is Forgiven"

Treason - £59.95 - 49 Fireworks

This collection pack has something fore all the family both young and old. It includes the family selection box containing fountains, roman candles, rockets, a wheel, and a missile cake. The 1.3G rockets in this pack are Heat Seeker, Saturn Five and Bazooka Bomb to add mixed aerial effects to your display. The barrages are Humming Hornets, Whistle mix pop with the addition of the freebie been Blue Lights this firework ejects 25 shots of blue peonies into the sky.

1605 - £79.95 - 46 Fireworks

Representing the year in which the Gunpowder Plot took place we have chosen the fireworks carefully to celebrate this Epic event with your family and friends. The Conjuror selection box by standard fireworks has a tremendous selection of fireworks that all can enjoy. The multiple packs of rockets provide a vary of different effects and colours that can be fired throughout the display and the extra barrages are some of Epics best sellers to make this a celebration to remember.

400th Anniversary of Guy Fawkes 1605 - 2005

Guido’s - £99.95 - 79 Fireworks

We have purposely designed this pack with smaller garden parties in mind and is great entertainment for the whole family. This display pack has it all; one of arguably the best firework Selection Boxes in the UK, 5 quality multi-shot single ignition barrages, 5 packs of top quality 1.3G rockets and 2 huge multi effect fountains. This pack will not disappoint as it fills the skies with an abundance of colour and sound effects.

Guy Fawkes, "Next Time, I'm Using Epic Fireworks"

So, pop along to see us and whether you are looking for a pack, a selection box or just something to help you to celebrate your football club’s latest win, getting the A level results you want or to ask the woman (or man) you love to marry you, we have a HUGE range and a smile for all our customers. See you soon 😊


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