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Charlie's Soda Co - Fireworks advert

Charlie's Soda Co - Fireworks advert

This is one of those ‘cutesy’ adverts featuring fireworks for ‘old-fashioned fruit soda’ (lemonade to you and me!) and they make reference to ‘Guy Fawkes rules’ to point out some of the things we did as children which were truly stupid. For example, he says that holding ‘double hippies’ in your teeth is for morons (like old-fashioned bangers) and you need goggles if you are going to fire rockets at each other and finally, setting off a firework in a post box resulted in you going home nursing burns to your mum who gave one of her fruit soda’s which was positively ‘exploding with fruit’ just like the good old days.

A catchy message about yesteryear not been quite as safety conscious as we are today but some things need not change – like old-fashioned pop!

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